Charity show to run Newari-language school

Kathmandu, October 13:

With the objective of collecting funds to run the newly established Newari-language

school at Thecho, the Newa Settlement Newa School Project (NSNSP) organised a charity show of a Newari film today. “Due to wrong timing of the show, we could not sell many tickets; thus we could not collect the enough funds for the school,” said Nabin Thechome, principal of the school. Some 800 people watched the movie “Nifwa Swan” meaning two flowers, but most of them received free passes.

The Thecho Newa English School of Thecho, Lalitpur, run by the NSNSP, imparts education to the children both in Newari and English languages. The major objective of the NSNSP is to establish schools at Newari settlements. Thechome said they are having a tough time to compete with other schools, as people are still not aware of the importance of education in mother-tongue. Twelve students are attending the school this year.