Chhau sheds destroyed in Achham


A team led by Chief District Officer Gokarna Prasad Upadhaya of Achham has started demolishing Chhau sheds in the district.

The team, along with security chiefs, launched the chhau shed demolition campaign in different villages.

The campaign was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team reached Sokot of Chaurpati Rural Municipality and demolished the chhau sheds there. The team reached the villages after the villagers started reconstructing the chhau sheds.

The home ministry had directed the local levels to conduct an awareness campaign, destroy chhau sheds and take action against those who ignored the notice.

Police said they had started demolishing chhau sheds after people ignored the notice leading to some deaths in the chhau sheds.

CDO Upadhaya and DSP Yogendra Singh Thapa-led team reached the villages and demolished the sheds.

CDO Upadhaya said the team had also launched a campaign against the evil custom along with demolition of chhau sheds. “Everybody knows about chhaupadi and how women are compelled to stay inside the sheds during menstruation due to fear of god,” he added.

He said 244 chhau sheds were demolished within a week. The shed demolition campaign was launched in Turmaghat, Dhakari, Bannigadi Jayagadh and Mallekh rural municipalities and Panchadeval Binayak, Sanphebagar municipalities in the district.

According to the district administration office, the campaign will be launched in all local levels soon. The home ministry had directed to demolish chhau sheds following the deaths of women in the sheds due to snake bite and cold, among other reasons. CDO Upadhaya said action would be taken against rule violators, and they would not get any government facilities.

He said locals had to present the ward office’s recommendation citing that the letter bearers had no chhau sheds. He added that people would get the state facility if they had the ward office’s recommendation.