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Children of Everest avalanche victims get support

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KATHMANDU: A 17-year-old teenager from Chongqing, China initiated a campaign to support the children who lost their fathers in the deadliest avalanche on Mt Everest in 2014.

Lily Wei in coordination with Shanshan Wang, Yu Tang, Cherry Tang, Pemba Ongchhu Sherpa, and Mingma Sherpa handed over financial support to the families of the avalanche victims amidst a function in the Capital.

More than 40 school-age children from Khumbu region of Solukhumbu district were affected after at least 16 high-altitude climbers, the sole breadwinners of their respective families were killed when an avalanche struck them while carrying loads above base camp near the icefall section of the world highest peak on 18 April 2014.

“As a teenager, when I think about the kids who lost their fathers, it was more than just sorrow – I can hardly imagine the pain, and despair,” Wei shared, adding that she had thought about doing something for them a long time ago, but it was not until four months ago after she watched a movie called Sherpa, like a light in the darkness, she cleared out her intimidations, and took the first step.

“Pemba and Mingma also visited families in a variety of places to find out who need our help the most, and thus, we were able to finalise a list of children’s names and our goals for the funds.”

According to Wei, eight companies from China – AnZheng, Jiulong, MingFeng, Fugue, GanGanHao, Huixi, QianDing, YangYang Giraffe – donated for the noble campaign. Besides, she also organised a Cross Country Charity Race in Chongqing on June 16, and the theme for the race was – Run for Love. “Nearly 300 hundred people, some mountain climbers, from all over China participated covering both – a 10-km group and a 30-km group,” she said, adding that at least USD 9,322 was collected from the charity race.

The team has handed out bag packs and pencil cases to all the families. They also distributed donations according to their need, she said. Nima Doma Sherpa, who lost her husband in the avalanche, said that it would be a great support for her sons’ education.

“When I talked to some families, they told me that they really appreciate our help. I also saw all children coming in quietly but coming out with a big smile on their faces. A small thing can make a big change,” Pemba Sherpa said.

Mt Everest climbing has always been a focus of attention. “Actually, Everest does not belong to any country but all the climbers while climbers don’t distinguish themselves according to their nationalities as they all assist each other,” Shanshan reacted, “Thus, as an enthusiastic climber, I also appreciate all Sherpa guides for their help. The love we experienced this time is without boundaries.”

According to Mingma Sherpa, the support campaign will also continue in the coming years.

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