China names new ambassador to Nepal

KATHMANDU: Beijing has named Yu Hong as China's new ambassador to Nepal. Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs received an agremo for her confirmation two weeks ago, MoFA sources confirmed.

Nepal will send the confirmation in a couple of days, Jabindra Aryal, the China Division Head at MoFA, said.

Yu is a career diplomat over three decades work experience in Chinese foreign service. She has served in several diplomatic outposts abroad. She was Consul General in Sarabaya of Indonesia recently.

Meanwhile, it has been learned that incumbent Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Wu Chuntai has sought time to meet the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Minister for farewell call.

Chuntai was appointed for the job at Chinese mission in Kathmandu in March 2013.

It is believed that the new ambassador would arrive in Kathmandu in late October or early November.