Chinese technicians begin feasibility study of Rasuwagadhi-Kathmandu railway

KATHMANDU: A Chinese technical team has begun a preliminary feasibility study of the Rasuwagadhi-Kathmandu railway.

The study follows an agreement in this regard with a high level government official team including Secretary of Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Madhu Sudhan Adhikari and Director General for the Department of Railways, Ananta Acharya, who reached China last month, for this purpose.

The team comprises high ranking officials of the National Railway Administration, China started the study at Kathmandu and various places of Rasuwa where rail stations will be set up, said the Department's Spokesperson Prakash Bhakta Upadhyay.

The team is asked to submit the report by August and the study is expected to give a way for a draft of the construction of the railway. One can reach Kathmandu from Rasuwa in one-hour train travel along the around 100 kilometers route. The railway will have six stations.