CHITWAN: A radiologist and a lab technician of Bharatpur-based BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital have been arrested on charge of playing truant at the Hospital and working at a private clinic during the duty hours, on Monday.

Radiologist Dr Gyan Bahadur Shrestha and lab technician Jaya Narayan Jha were arrested from Chitwan Hospital Pvt Ltd in Chaubiskothi in the district.

According to Chitwan District Police Office, they were handed over to the police by the locals after finding them practicing in private clinics in their duty hours.

Dadhiram Gautam, a member of the local group, Save the Cancer Hospital Campaign, said that the locals had informed about the incident to the Chief District Officer Binod Prakash Singh before arresting the suspects.

An anonymous source claimed that Dr. Shrestha had also invested in the Chitwan Hospital Pvt Ltd and accused him of referring patients to visit the private clinic citing the malfunction of instruments in the Cancer Hospital.

According to the Hospital Deputy Director, Dr. Dej Kumar Gautam, the suspected doctors would be asked for clarifications.

He warned that unsatisfactory answers might lead to departmental actions including halt in upgrading status, no promotion, and deprivation of facilities provided by the institution.

DSP Deepak Shrestha said the arrested duo have been handed over to the Hospital Administration.