Chitwan Elephant Festival to be held in Sauraha from Dec 26

CHITWAN: Chitwan Elephant Festival is going to be held at Sauraha in Chitwan district from December 26 to 30.

The International Elephant Polo will remain the highlight of the Festival which is being held after a gap of 7 years, according to International Elephant Polo Competition Coordinator Shankar Sainju.

The Regional Hotel Association at Sauraha will continue the Polo competition where eight elephants dividing in two groups will play against each other.

Coordinator Sainju shared that the prospective polo player elephants are being trained for the match that will last through total twenty minutes.

During the five-day event, various other elephant-related activities will be organised with a view of retaining the tourists visiting Chitwan National Park, informed Coordinator Sainju.

The local hotel entrepreneurs are excited about the Elephant Festival which they believe would help lure visitors and prolong their stay, especially the foreign tourists during this off season.

Further, the festival will also feature Elephant Beauty Contest, Elephant Race, Elephant Catwalk and other interesting games among calves such as football.