Chitwan to host international poultry expo

Chitwan, October 9

Chitwan, the largest producer of poultry products in the country, is set to host an international poultry expo in November with a view to introducing new technology and poultry farming practices to domestic farmers.

Nepal Poultry Federation is organising the program slated for November 3-5.

NPF Chairperson Gunchandra Bista said he was upbeat about the expo being helpful for poultry farmers. “Lately, our main concern is how to maximise poultry production with minimum cost. In the expo, poultry farmers can learn about technologies that help them cut their production cost sharply,” he said.

“As per latest data, a whopping 10 billion rupees is spent on chicken feed alone every year, which has pushed the prices of chicken and eggs further up. In this context, finding a technology that is cheap is imperative,” he said.

The expo is expected to feature around 200 stalls of both Nepali and foreign companies. According to NPF deputy chairperson Tikaram Pokhrel, poultry entrepreneurs from 12 different countries, including India, China,     USA, Germany, France and Holland will participate in the  expo. Besides, a symposium is also planned during the expo where domestic and foreign poultry experts will present their papers on new technologies.

The poultry sector in the country has witnessed an investment of over 70 billion rupees, currently.