Chitwan National Park completes 2 yrs of zero rhino poaching

CHITWAN: The Chitwan National Park on Sunday completed two years of zero rhino poaching.

A one-horn rhino was killed on May 2, 2014, which is the last recorded poaching in the Park.

The Park attributed a modern and scientific security strategy to the success in marking zero poaching year for the second consecutive time.

The Park records show that the fiscal year 2001/02 was the most violent for its one-horned inhabitants as 37 of them were killed in the year.

The overall data suggest that most poaching occurred in the decade-long armed conflict, 1996-2006.

The Park's Chief Conservation Officer Ram Chandra Kandel said cooperation from the Park staff, Nepal Army and Nepal Police resulted into the significant achievement.

The Park has adopted a four-layer security strategy to control wildlife crimes, according to Kandel.

He informed that Nepal Army, Park staff, Nepal Police as well as networks of people assigned to inform about the criminal activities have been mobilised at various layers.

Likewise, the World Wildlife Fund and many non-government organisations have been assisting the Park to conserve animals, according to the official.

Many poachers, notorious for their activities in the international arena, have been caught in last years.

For example, around 200 persons were nabbed for poaching in the fiscal year 2009/10, according to Kandel.