CNP steps up fight against poaching with military operation

CHITWAN:  Chitwan National Park has intensified efforts to curb wildlife poaching in the region with an operation involving a special security force deployed by Nepal Army.

The campaign named 'Operation Major Hunt' will run till May 2019 as animals particularly the Royal Bengal Tiger and One-horned Rhino at CNP are at high risk of falling prey to poachers during November to May each year, officials say.

As per official statistics, 80 per cent of illegal hunting instances occur in seven months period over November to May.

According to CNP Chief Conservation Officer Bed Kumar Dhakal, a special security force of Nepal Army has undertaken the fight against poaching since Thursday. A joint team from the special force and the CNP-based Batuk Dal Battalion were trained for the operation, Dhakal informed.

Meanwhile locals residing in outskirts of the park have also pledged their support for the cause.

Wildlife in the region are at an increased risk during winter as falling leaves and decline in water levels clear path for poachers. In a bid to foil poaching efforts in winter, authorities have planned to run frequent elephant and automobile patrols and set up additional security posts in the outer zones of the park.

(Translated by Sureish Chaudhary)