Chitwan slaughterhouses selling unhealthy meat

Chitwan, October 18

Lack of well-managed slaughterhouses has forced residents to consume unhealthy meat in Chitwan.

The government failure to implement Livestock Slaughterhouse and Meat Checking Act-2055 BS has caused the mismanagement of the meat market. The ACT has provision to check the livestock’s health before being slaughtered. If the meat is hygienic, it needs to be kept in deep fridge for 24 hours before being sold. Only the meat stored in deep fridge can be cold.

But most of the meat shops and slaughterhouses in Narayangadh have failed to meet even the minimum standards. Sanitation is lacking in most of the shops.

Consumers’ Rights Protection Forum Chitwan Chairman Sailendra Kumar Shrestha said that construction of well-managed slaughterhouse would help improve the meat quality.

As many as 282 meat shops have been registered at Bharatpur Sub- Metropolitan City. Sub metropolitan city Environment Department Chief Engineer Ishwor Kumar Raj Bhandari said slaughterhouses need to be monitored regularly. “We can take action against meat shops that sell unhealthy meat,” he said.

Engineer Raj Bhandari admitted that more than 60 per cent meat shops had not renewed their licences. “Many shops are selling meat without even without meeting minimum standards,” said Engineer Raj Bhandari.

Most of the meat shops are found selling meat without meeting the conditions set by the Slaughterhouse and meat Checking Act.

Meat Entrepreneurs’ Association, Chitwan said one tonne he-goats and two and half tonnes of chickens per day. The association’s chairman Badri Wagle admitted most of the meat shops in the district had failed to meet even the basic standards. He said the sub-metropolis should build slaughterhouses to improve the quality of meat sold in the district.

Chitwan District Livestock Chief Ram Kumar Karki said well-managed slaughterhouses and sale centres had become necessary in the district.

Consume boiled meat, advise docs

Chitwan, October 18

Doctors and health workers have suggested the public not to consume meat of he-buffalo and he-goat with excessive fat during Dashain festival. They said eating boiled chickens and fish would be beneficial for health.

Doctors have warned the public against consuming ‘sekuwa’ as it is detrimental to health. During Dashain, people in the country prepare various delicacies of meat. Meat roasted in firewood is mostly consumed during the festival.

Dr Guru Sharan Sah at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences said meat roasted in firewood produces hydro carbon. According to him, hydro carbon can cause cancer of stomach, intestine and skin.

Dr Bhola Prasad Rauniyar at the BPKIHS said barbecued meat causes cancer of big intestine.

According to Rauniyar, meat roasted in the firewood is more harmful.