Women activists themselves in Chhaupadi shed during menstruation 

BAJURA: Binita BK, district treasurer of the UCPN-Maoist as well as women rights activist, stays in a shed during the time of menstruation, whenever she visits her home.

Though BK had been advocating for the elimination of the Chhaupadi system for the past many years, she also stays in the shed due to family pressure.

Like BK, Parbati Budha, Chairperson of the Women Leader and Single Women Rights Activist, Bajura also has same problem.

This is not the story of only two women, all the women right activists in the district are under such pressure to accept the system.

Janaki Rawal, Chairperson of the Women Rights Committee of Bahrabis VDC said that they are obliged to abide by the system as the society looks them differently if they do not follow process.

Even health workers are also not far from this system though they know it was superstitious beliefs, Senior Health Assistant of the District Health Office Deepak Shah shared.

The Chhaupadhi system is deeply rooted in the Far-Western Region.

During the menstruation period, women and girls are forced to stay in the shed, where there are high chances of rape and snake bites.

It is learnt that superstitious beliefs and poverty are the main reasons behind such rituals.

Nutritious foods as well as visit to public places are banned during the menstruation.

Even female teachers and students are banned from going school during the period.

Different awareness programmes are organised to eradicate the system but in vain.

Chhaupadi system means females are forced to stay in the shed for thirteen days during their first and second menstrual cycle, seven days in their third cycle and four days of every other menstrual cycle.