Chure Bhawar Party warns of agitation for separate state

KATHMANDU: Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekata Party on Tuesday warned of launching a stern agitation if the government did not implement the past agreements made with to set up a state in Chure-Bhawar region.

According to the fringe party's chairman, Badri Neupane, if the demands of Madhesi parties were met but the three agreements, made eight years ago or so, with the Chure Bhawar Party was ignored then the country would have to face the consequences.

Neupane said his party was falsely accused of being mobilised by others when it was raising its concerns and demanding for the implementation of the past agreements.

Saying it has been preventing the obstruction of the highway westward of Dhalkebar despite the United Democratic Madhesi Front's agitation, Neupane claimed the Kathmandu Valley is currently receiving the essential supplies only because of its efforts.

"If the State remained indifferent towards our demands," Neupane said, "We should show our calibre by bringing the highway to a virtual standstill."

Neupane was speaking at a press meet in the Reporters Club here today. Senior leaders of the party were also present on the occasion.