CIAA tells government to protect Guthi land

Kathmandu, October 21:

The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) today directed the Ministry of Land Reforms and Management to reform the existing legal provisions related to management of Guthi land.

The anti-corruption body also directed the government to bring specific legal provisions to protect Guthi land throughout the country.

The CIAA took the decision after a discussion with the officials of the Ministry of Land Reforms

and Management and the Guthi Sansthan here today.

CIAA also recommended the Ministry to encourage local communities to protect temples and

Guthi land.

“The existing system alone cannot protect Guthi land. We need to find out new alternatives,” the CIAA stated.

The Commission also directed the government to transfer all responsibilities of the land related to the former Royal Palace under the purview of the government.

“We have received numerous complaints that some people have been trying to register the land owned by Shree Panch Ko Bayu Guthi in the name of individuals,” the CIAA said. The anti-graft body also directed the Guthi Sansthan to protect such land, which have automatically come under the government’s ownership.