CIAA to keep an eye on civil servants’ property

Kathmandu, July 31:

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority today directed the National Vigilance Centre (NVC) to monitor civil servants’ properties.

It told the NVC to submit names of those officials, who have not submitted details of their property at the Civil Personnel Record.

The anti-graft body said it would take action against those civil servants, who do not submit details of their property.

The Corruption Prevention Act and Civil Service Act state that officials bearing public responsibility must submit the details of their property two months into every fiscal year.

“Since the NVC’s duty is to check whether civil servants are abiding by the law or not, we have directed it to check how many civil servants have submitted their property to it,” acting CIAA chief Lalit Bahadur Limbu told this daily.

He said the CIAA would take departmental if public servants did not submit their property details.

“Hundreds of civil servants refused to submit details of their property in the past. We have taken this issue very seriously this year,” Limbu said.

Meanwhile, the anti-graft body directed Boudhanath Area Development Committee to make its activities transparent.