Circular on foreign visit issued to local levels

Kathmandu, June 12

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has barred elected representatives and employees of the local levels from going on foreign junkets at the expense of federal, provincial or local governments.

“No official and employee of any local level shall be allowed to make a visit to foreign country at the expense any of the three levels of government until formulation of the guideline/procedure for foreign visit of local level officials and employees,” stated a circular issued by the MoFAGA to local levels yesterday.

According to the Government of Nepal (Work Division) Rules, the responsibility of making policies, laws and standards related to foreign visit of local level officials

and employees rest with the MoFAGA.

According to Development Assistance Coordination Section of the MoFAGA, the circular was issued to regulate and make systematic foreign junkets of local level officials and employees until the formulation and approval of the guideline/procedure.

“If any local level receives a formal invitation from a host country or agency for participation in a training and exposure visit and all expenses will be borne by the concerned foreign country, donor agency or international organisation. The local level concerned shall submit such letter of invitation to the MoFAGA. The ministry will nominate the participants on the basis of rationality of the programme,” the circular said.

Similarly, the concerned donor agency should request the MoFAGA through the Ministry of Finance to nominate the participants before sponsoring foreign visit of the officials and employees concerned with the project being implemented by it as per an agreement reached with the Government of Nepal.

“In this regard, the MoFAGA will nominate the officials and employees on the recommendation of the concerned local levels,” the circular stated.

“In the event that any federal or provincial ministry and the bodies are to involve the local level officials and employees within their approved annual programme, it shall request the MoFAGA for the nomination of participants,” the circular added. Meanwhile, the MoFAGA has prohibited the foreign junket of local level officials and employees at the expense of I/NGOs without prior approval of the ministry.

“In order to fully discourage the tendency of going on a foreign junket without prior approval of the government, it shall be mandatory for the Department of Consular Service and the Department of Passports to seek permission of the MoFAGA before recommending visa,” the circular said.