Kathmandu, March 28 The federal government has paved the way for implementation of federalism concluding adjustment of 100,031 civil servants in all three tiers of the government. However, the government fell short of 37,000 employees to fill all the 137,614 posts of civil servants in all the levels. Organising a press meet today, Minister of Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit claimed that conclusion of the civil servant adjustment process was one of the biggest achievements of the government. “Many countries around the world have faced problems while moving from centralised to federal system. However, we accomplished this difficult task without much difficulty,” he said. Minister Pandit also said that the ministry was currently providing transfer letters to employees. Data shows that more civil servants were adjusted under the central government.  A total of 84,409 posts were created under central government, 22,297 posts under the provincial governments and 66,908 posts under the 753 local levels. This means that 35 per cent posts were created for the centre, 16 per cent posts for the provinces and 49 per cent for the local levels. However, 40,409 employees were adjusted in centre, 14,659 employees were adjusted in the seven provinces and 31,043 employees were adjusted in the local levels. This shows that provincial governments and local levels did not get the required number of employees. Minister Pandit said that after completion of the adjustment the provincial governments could revise their posts and enrol employees through the Federal Public Commission for now. “But later, the provinces could enrol employees through Provincial Public Commission,” he said. The Provincial Public Commission bill is in the Federal Parliament. Minister Pandit also explained that those employees who were about to retire were not sent to the provinces and local levels. “After they retire, the number of civil servants under the centre will be reduced,” he added. Pandit said that employee grievances would be settled by April 8. As many as 7,600 employees have filed complaints related to adjustment at the ministry. Employees can file their complaints at the ministry till April 5.  Joint-secretary at the ministry Rup Narayan Bhattarai said, “We will try to address those grievances.” The minister said from next fiscal, there would be no problem regarding civil servant adjustment. Employees of foreign service, law service and audit service were not included in the adjustment process.