Civil society members demand democracy, peace

Biratnagar, August 20:

A meeting was held here today by members of civil society, demanding a return to democracy and peace. People from different walks of life and human rights activists collected at Mahendrachowk. After bre-aking five clay jars signifying “regression”, the public programme formally started with the lighting of candles. Speaking at the programme, organised by Alliance Group for Peace and Total Democracy, noted human rights leader Krishna Pahadi said the main purpose of organising the meet was to strengthen parties. Pahadi added that the political parties were leading the movement for democracy and peace. He said that until those displaced by the Maoists were rehabilitated, talks with Maoists would never be expected. Pahadi also said that in case the political parties failed to lead the movement cogently, civil society as a whole would take up the war-cry. Pointing to the Maoists, Pahadi said if they really wished to bring back peace they should lay open their agenda before the people. Dr Arjun Karki of the NGO Federation, Subodh Pyakurel of INSEC and others expressed their views.