Civil society seeks change in govt leadership

Kathmandu, October 5:

Civil Society members have demanded the resignation of the government after the postponement of the November 22 CA polls.

“This government has lost the faith of the people. The leadership of the government should be changed,” president of the Nepal Bar Association Bishwokanta Mainali told this daily.

“The state cannot function without a government and there is no other valid alternative. Therefore, the cadres of parties should demand a change of leadership in the government,” Mainali added.

Mainali said that this government failed to maintain law and order, which eventually led to the postponement of the CA polls.

Subodh Pyakurel, chairman of the Informal Sector Service Centre, also expressed disappointment over the postponement of the polls.

Demanding the resignation of the government leadership, he said, “Those who have been leading the government must resign now because they have lost the people’s faith,” he added.

He added that the Maoists have lost the rationale even to remain in the parliament. Leaders of the other parties, who are in the government, have lost their mandate to remain as ministers,” he said, adding, “The PM should resign and the parties should recall their ministers from the government,” he added. “Neither the parties mobilised the people for elections nor they listened to the people,” Pyakurel added.

The Constitutional Lawyers’ Forum also expressed serious concern about the postponement of the polls. “This (poll postponement) shows that the leaders are not listening to the people,” Madhav Kumar Basnet, general secretary of the forum, said in a press release. The forum also said leaders want to continue to remain in power without seeking the mandate of the people.

Rana seeks new government

Kathmandu: President of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Pashupati Shumshere Rana said here on Friday that a “new government should be formed as the seven-party alliance has failed in its effort to conduct early elections.”

Rana was speaking at an interaction on the latest political development at the Reporters’ Club Nepal. He said a new government should be formed as this government has lost legitimacy.

Meanwhile, general secretary of the CPN-Mashal Mohan Bikram Singh said in Dang on Friday that the deferral of the constituent assembly elections is a betrayal of the people, nation and the Jana Andolan II.

“All ruling parties and chiefly the Maoists are responsible for the deferral of the elections,” Singh said in a press statement.

The CPN-Mashal said in the press statement that the party will organise nationwide protest assemblies, corner assemblies and take out torch rallies on October 8.

Meanwhile, chairman of the Janamorcha Nepal Chitra Bahadur KC said in a statement on Friday that the decision to defer the elections has given rise to confusion. “All ruling political parties and chiefly the Maoists are responsible for the deferral of the elections,” the press statement quoted KC as saying. — HNS