Classes being run for Dalit girls

Rajbiraj, November 12

In Saptari where poverty casts an eternal shadow on the Dalit community, the children are more often than not, unable to attend school. Eleven-year old Sangita Sada, a Dalit girl, is now able to study in ‘Girl Classes’ being run at Haripur VDC.

It has come to light that as many as 18 such girls, including Rekha Sada and Rubi Sada, from the same community in the VDC have also been attending the specialised classes. These girls are the daughters of the haruwa-charuwa who work  for the landlords.

With the firm, unflagging support of the Janachetana Dalit Sangam, Madhupatti, The Freedom Fund and Geneva Global, many children in the VDC are now in school.

Rubi Sada today shared that she was formerly compelled to stay at home as her parents could not afford to send her to school. However, when the opportunity arose for her to receive education, her parents had hesitated, prompting the members of Dalit Sangam to step in and convince her parents.

Director Ganesh Prasad Ram of The Dalit Sangam said that they had started classes for girls aiming to provide basic education to the children of poor and needy, with a focus on Dalits. He said the organisation had so far succeeded in sending 805 children to school after the admission campaign was launched in the VDCs.

Meanwhile, haruwa-charuwa empowerment leader and right activist Manilal Bishowakarma said that all underprivileged children were encouraged to attain at least the basic level of education.