CNP reports 4.09 per cent growth in tourism

CHITWAN: Tourism in Chitwan National Park grew by 4.09 per cent during eleven months of the current fiscal year, compared to whole 12 months of last fiscal. Foreign tourist arrivals in the region increased by 9.36 per cent, on the contrary, the number of domestic tourists fell by 8.06 per cent, according to statistics provided by CNP officials.

According to CNP, 145,707 tourists -112,560 foreign nationals and 36,053 domestic visitors- have visited the national parks and surrounding community forests in the 11 months of the current fiscal. In the last fiscal year, the number of arrivals was recorded at 139,978.

Tourism businesses in the region which were marred by ongoing  upgradation of Narayangadh-Muglin road section, and Earthquake and trade embargo in the previous years, are gradually getting back on track, according to Regional Hotel Association Nepal Chairman, Suman Ghimire said.

The number of arrivals will increase upon completion of road upgradation, he added.