CNP welcomes female calf of endangered wild water buffalo

CHITWAN: A wild water buffalo (local name Arna) also known as Bubalus arnee has given birth to a female calf in Chitwan National Park in Chitwan district today.

CNP Assistant Conservation Officer and Information Officer Nurendra Aryal said, "We saw the Arna giving birth to a calf while going out to monitor the park. Calf is in good health and was seen sucking udder."

"With a new-born calf, the buffalo's population in the park has reached ten," Aryal shared.

CNP Chief Conservation Officer Bed Kumar Dhakal citing that CNP has a favourable environment for wild buffalo's habitat and breeding said, "The birth of calf serves as an evidence to the success of wild buffalo relocation efforts."

Two years ago, fifteen wild water buffaloes including two males and ten females were relocated to the CNP from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) and Jwalakhel-based Central Zoo.

However, those three buffaloes brought from the zoo could not last long in the natural environment. Two died in the failure of adaptation while the other one was devoured by a tiger.

The wild bovine species' population has gradually declined over the years and it is on the list of endangered species of mammals.

Prior to relocation, the KTWR served as the only habitat for wild water buffaloes in Nepal.