Cold store being built


Construction of a cold store in Sunsari’s Barahachhetra Municipality has reached the final stage, signalling an end to the plight of having to take local products elsewhere for storage.

Sunsari’s Barahachhetra has developed wards in the plains and prioritised livestock zone and agriculture production in the hills. The farmers here earlier had to take their produce to Biratnagar, Dharan, or other faraway places to avail cold storage facility.

The cold storage facility is being built with the fund of the provincial government and the municipality.

While the Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry has provided 75 per cent of the fund for the project, Barahachhetra Municipality has chipped in the remaining 25 per cent.

According to Barahachhetra Municipality Agriculture section Chief Tulasa Limbu, the cold storage facility will have three separate units capable of storing 70 metric tonnes each.

“In view of the compulsion to take agro-products such as potatoes and onions elsewhere for storage, we badly needed a cold storage facility. The under-construction facility is expected to be completed by mid-January,” added Limbu.