Collection under way in Saptari


Despite protests from Joint Democratic Madhesi Morcha, work to collect feedback on the draft constitution from the public is under way in Saptari.

Feedback was collected from every ward on July 17 and every VDC on July 2.

The Morcha’s activists had burned copies of the proposed constitution at Bhardaha, Bathnaha, Dadha, Boriya, Itahari Bishnupur, Kochabakhari and Deuri VDCs yesterday.

The Morcha’s cadres tore copies of the draft constitution at Kanchanrup municipality, Portaha and Raypur on sunday. Locals from Kalyanpur, Bahrahi Birpur, and Hadiya VDCs had boycotted the feedback collection stating that they had not got the copies to study.


Sailendra Prasad Sah, central member of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal said that they had given continuity to burning and tearing the statute as it was against Madhes and Madhesi people.

He warned of staging a stern protest if the statute was imposed on them.

Saptari CDO Birendra Kumar Yadav said feedback collection was on as per schedule. Yadav claimed that collecting feedback was continuing despite disruptions from the Madhesi morcha.

CDO Yadav said that security had been beefed up at Constituencies No 4 and 5. He urged locals to give their suggestions freely and fearlessly.

UCPN-Maoist CA member Umesh Kumar Yadav admitted that the draft copy contained many flaws. Yadav clarified that a new statute without demarcation and naming of provinces in the federal set up was not acceptable to him. Yadav pledged to take people’s feedback to the concerned place. “We have nothing to say to the agitating parties.,” he said.