College student pulling rickshaw to meet tuition expenses

BHIMDUTTANAGAR: It has already been four years that Hira Luhar, 19, started studying after pulling rickshaw at Mahendranagar Bazaar. The family of Hira migrated to Bhimduttanagar Municipality-6 from Mahakali VDC-2 of Baitadi district in 2060 BS.

It is Hira's and his father's daily routine to pull rickshaw for the fulfillment of basic necessities as they have no other means of livelihood.

Hira, a grade 11 student at Baljagrit Campus in Bhimduttanagar, has been continuing his study after doing hard work. On Saturday, Hira was found at Modern Clothes Store along with his rickshaw (registration number 310), asking discount with Store owner Deepak Darji for his college uniform. Deepak said, "Hira had to pay Rs 5,500 for his college uniform. I only asked Rs 4,500 without the tailor charge."

Hira took two pants, two shirts and a coat after paying Rs 700 as first installment. He said, "I have made commitment to pay the remaining installment by pulling rickshaw during day time." Hira, who attends college from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, has bought a rickshaw from his hard work and pulls rickshaw in the morning and evening. He earns Rs 250 to Rs 300 daily.