Coming together of two communist parties trigger ripples internationally: CPN MC Chair Dahal

CHITWAN: CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the coming together of the communist parties has rippled through people nationally and internationally.

Addressing a programme entitled 'Civil Society with Prachanda' organised by the Let Us Make the Leftist Alliance Victorious Citizens Campaign in Gitanagar of Bharatpur Metropolitan City here today, he said a big political ripple has been created since 1950 with the coming together of two big communist parties.

"A ripple of this magnitude had not come in the national and international level even when starting the People's War. This is unusual thing that has happened. One type of public opinion is excited with the unity of the communists whereas the other side seems to be negative and disturbed," he said.

The Maoist Centre chairman stated, "On the one hand some people are saying that a communist totalitarianism was in the offing while on the other hand the same friends are saying that the communists cannot come together and even if they united it will not last long and there would be chaos even if it lasted."

Leader Dahal tried to dispel doubts about the party unification, saying, 'nobody could stop the unification of the two parties and there would be a communist government in Nepal after the elections whatever ripples it created. This communist government would take the country towards socialism."

Noting that BP Koirala and Girija Prasad Koirala would be happy to see the communist unity had they been alive today, the former Prime Minister claimed that unity of the communist parties would benefit the nation and the country would move ahead on the path of prosperity.

He also suggested the 'divided' Nepali Congress to unite. "It is necessary for the Congress, which is divided, also to come together," he said.

Dahal was of the view that the present-day Nepali Congress was a little bit distracted from the BP's socialism and Girija Prasad's republicanism. "I blame the Nepali Congress that it has committed a mistake by deviating from BP's socialism and Girija's republican line," he added.

Stating that collaboration with the Nepali Congress was possible in future also on the issues of nation, nationality and national sovereignty, he urged the Nepali Congress leaders not to throw barb (at the communist alliance) to such an extent for they might have to collaborate in future also lest it would be awkward to even shake hands in that situation.

Maoist Centre chairman Dahal said the leftist alliance and the Nepali Congress might have to join hands and fight against the divisive and secessionist line if any in future. "The Nepali Congress too does not want to see the country splitting. We will have to fight together for the national unity and territorial integrity at that time," he said.

Dahal is contesting in the House of Representatives election from Chitwan Constituency No. 3. He described his candidacy was against the tendency of political immorality. The truth will certainly prevail in this struggle, he declared.


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