Computer education entices rural school students

Sankhuwasabha, October 21

When five students busy themselves on the keyboard of five computers, nine of their colleagues watch and anxiously wait for their turn from back.

And to add to their woes, the students-who are offered five-day computer classes a week-have to give the much-awaited classes a miss when there is power cut.

This is how computer classes are on here at Sharada Secondary School in Siddhapokhari in Sankhuwasabha as the school could not afford to many computers due to budget crunch for over a year.

Though paltry, the students, however, are happy enough for the opportunity they get in learning this mechanical device at their hometown, which was not possible till a couple of years ago.

"I'm proud of getting this opportunity here in my village. I'll make it my major subject in future," said an elated Mingma Sherpa, of class nine.

The five computers were brought in the school with the financial assistance of a donor agency one and half years ago. But, they had been stored as there was no electric supply in the school located some 50 km south-east from the district headquarters of Khandbari.

However, after Siddhapokhari VDC extended support to stretch the electricity line up to the school, the school management decided to make use of the modern machines and included it in the curricula.

"From last year, we took out the computers from the godown and started offering computer science classes," said Ramji Khatri, a computer teacher, adding.

Due to the students' motivation in the subject, 50 per cent of which is practical, other eight secondary and higher secondary schools in the district have begun the computer classes. So much so, the schools, where there is no electricity, have also been operating the classes with the power generated from solar panel.

"Local bodies and some donors have been assisting for the purpose," said Dirghadhwoj Chapagain, District Education Officer.

According to him, preparations were underway to start computer education in all 44 secondary schools in the district.