Computers are a showpiece in Baglung school

Baglung, October 14:

Computers provided to Narayan Secondary School in Tangram VDC by the Baglung District Education Office have been rendered useless due to the lack of electricity.

Though the VDC is adjoined to district headquarters Baglung Bazaar, it is still deprived of electricity facility.

The District Education Office had provided four computers and a photocopy machine to the school four years ago to launch computer education as a technical subject.

“The computers and the photocopy machines are of no use to the school because of the lack of electricity,” headmaster Tul Bahadur Thapa said, adding that no initiative has been taken to supply electricity to power the computers.

Thapa also said efforts to generate electricity from peltric set became futile at it could not provide necessary voltage to operate the computers.

“Students are disheartened as they cannot use the computers for their practical classes,” Thapa aded.