RUKUM: More than 13 years ago, the Maoist had assaulted and injured one Indra Lal Gautam, 45, a Nepali Congress supporter from Khalanga-3. A disable Gautam since then awaits compensation from the government.
At an election campaign in March 1996 the Maoist had blindfolded him and then attacked him with batons and stones until he was unconscious. "My head was injured during the attack and since then my left hand and legs got paralysed," Gautam outraged. "Although I was attacked for being a NC supporter, no party has helped me so far," he laments.
"Later, I came to know that some people in my village holding grudge against me had complained to the Maoists," he said. Gautam further accused the Maoist of attacking him on the grounds of complaints made by ones who had grudge over him. Gautam, despite, obtaining an identity card for people with disability issued under the Disable Protection and Welfare Regulation- 1995, is a mere example of Government's apathy. The VDC secretary provided him with some financial assistance, however. He has also received medical assistance, including a prosthetic limb, from United to Mission to Nepal and Meek Nepal. Gautam with his wife, two sons and two daughters has been making his living as a tailor. There are several people living with disability caused by the conflict. "The wound cannot be healed but the government on its part should provide compensation," he said. The government has allocated Rs 150 million for conflict victims in the district but is yet to reach the victims.