Conflict victims in a deplorable state, cry for relief

Siraha, December 27:

People in Siraha, who sustained bullets during the armed conflict in the country has blamed that neither the government nor the Maoists have provided fund for their treatment.

Eleven civilian lost their lives and 35 others were injured when the Maoists attacked Indradhoj Company of Nepali Army and a police post at Bandipur on May 9, 2005. The government provided compensation of Rs 1,60,000 to each family of those killed, however, those injured have yet not received any relief from the government.

Those injured who could afford received medical treatment in their own expenses in Dharan and India but 12 of them, whose economic condition is poor have been forced to live their lives with bullets, chairman of Bandipur Conflict Victim Group, Ram Bhakta Yadav said.

Manju Shah, Bhola Bhattarai, his daughter Puja , Rekha Bhandari, Shibodevi , Haradevi Mahato, Suman Kumar Mahato, Anju Kumari Mukhiya, her mother Karodevi of Bandipur and Jala Devi Ram of Lahan who sustained bullets have not received treatment due to the lack of funds.

“Though I visited the District Administration Office frequently to get compensation, I have not received anything so far,” Hiradevi Mahato of Bandipur said, adding, “The Maoists did take our information time and again but we have not got any relief from them.” “I sustained bullets in my arm and chest, however, I have not got treatment due to the lack of money,” another injured Manju Shah said.

“If victims come to get compensation along with applications, I will make an effort to provide compensation to them from the ministry of Peace and Reconstruction,” Chief District Officer Bal Krishna Panti said.