Conspiracies afoot to topple the govt

DANG: CPN-UML standing committee member Yubraj Gyawali today alleged that conspiracies are afoot to extend the tenure of the constituent assembly and wipeout the achievements made in the country.

He alleged that some party leaders in their striving for self-fulfillment were proving major obstacles to take peace process to a logical end. He also said that the supporters of monarchy were actively cashing in the situation.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Dang chapter of Press Chautari Nepal in Ghorahi, Gyawali said, “Drafting the statute and taking the peace process to a logical conclusion are two major tasks before the government. Sadly, however, they are overshadowed by petty politics and those who have vested interests.”

“Conspiracies are afoot to bring down the government and form new one at present, people should keep themselves alert to such activities of the parties, he said, adding, “All of us will be in trouble if the statute was not drafted on time and peace process did not move along,” the UML stalwart warned.

“Those who do not want to see the statute drafted and peace to triumph in the country are now scared to openly disclose their motives in extending the term of the assembly in public fora as they fear possible reprisal from the people,’ he argued, adding, “But they are plotting a conspiracy, albeit secretly.” Gyawali also repeatedly expressed his apprehesions about the drafting of the constitution on the stipulated timeframe.