'Constitution will be at risk if federalism fails'

POKHARA: Nepali Congress central member Dr Shekhar Koirala has opined that the country's constitution will be at risk if the system of federalism fails.

Leader Koirala stated this at a greetings exchange programme organised by Nepali Congress, Kaski in Pokhara, on Tuesday, on the occassion of Dashain, Tihar, Chhat, Nepal Sambat and Lhosar festivals. He said, "The present government should not fail."

He added, federalism cannot be removed now and it is the responsibility of all political parties to make it a success. "The federal government has to develop laws as early as possible and hand over the responsibility of police administration and employees adjustment to the provincial governments. Delay in this regard must be prevented as this may ignite protests."

Koirala also stressed the need for good governance, accountability of one's actions, transparency, minimisation of corruption, maintenance of peace and security, among others.

He further stated that the Nepali Congress would move ahead cooperating with the government to maintain good governance, peace and security in the country. But at the same time it would play the role of opposition when needed to be critical towards bad practices of the government.

"Cordiality must exist among political parties in order to take the country on the path of development and prosperity."

He concluded his address saying, the government is stable at present but political instability still exists, and therefore, the government should address this and complete its five-year term.