Under-construction govt offices defying building code

Sindhulimadi, February 12

Despite the enforcement of building code that stipulates that buildings must maintain at least 62 metre distance from main roads in Kamalamai Municipality, the municipal office has taken no action against the District Survey Office, Sindhuli that is constructing its building violating the rule.

Locals have complained that while the municipal office did not issue permits for construction of buildings on the roadside, it has remained mum about the DSO building being constructed along the BP Highway.

The municipality authority accepted that under-construction buildings of government offices have not followed the building code.

“More than a dozen government office buildings are being constructed without getting their designs approved,” said Jagat Prasad Bhusal, executive officer at the municipality. He said the Land Revenue Office was the only government office to construct its building after getting its design approved in the last two years.

The under-construction buildings of the district hospital, District Development Committee, District Technical Office, and the Land Survey Office have encroached on the roads.

Meanwhile, Chief of Land Survey Office, Chhatra Lungeli, argued that the land on both sides of the road belonged to their office, and the Department of Roads had not separated land for the road, making it difficult for them to pass their map. He, however, claimed that the building is being constructed as per the code.

Locals said at least 10 government offices in the district have encroached on the roads.