Contempt of court case against army officials filed

Kathmandu, June 6 :

A contempt of court case was filed today in the Supreme Court seeking action against the Chief of the Legal Department of the Nepal Army, BA Kumar Sharma and chief of the Rajdalgan barracks, Pradeep Kumar Adhikary.

The duo has been accused of misleading the court on the detention of three people. Filing the case, Ranju Darnal, a relative of the three persons — Ranjit Darnal, Amrit Darnal and Rajendra chaurel — claimed that the army officials misled the apex court while submitting

explanations on the trio’s detention.

“They misled the court by saying that the army did not detain them though they have been detained at the Rajdalgan barracks,” the petitioner claimed.

She said the army had arrested them three years ago on charges of being Maoist sympathisers.

She further claimed that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) had already written to the apex court about their detention in the Rajdalgan barracks. After an inspection of the barracks, NHRC officials had said the trio had been detained against the existing laws.

The petitioner also claimed that the army officials are yet to submit their explanations demanded by the court on why they misled the apex court.

She has sought one-year jail terms for the officials and a fine of Rs 10,000 each.