Contesting to stop misuse of Madhesi people's vote: Leader Mahato

MAHENDRANAGAR: Member of the Rastriya Janata Party Presidium Rajendra Mahato has said that he is contesting the election from Dhanusha Constituency no. 3 in order to stop further abuse of Madhesi people's vote.

Talking to media persons, he made it clear that his candidacy was against the leaders who have deprived the Madhesi people from their rights after taking away their votes. "Leaders who betrayed the Madhesi people were represented from this constituency in the past, and I have become a candidate to stop it," he said.

He also claimed that the Madhesi people would vote in favour of the RJP for the dignity, respect and rights of the Madhesh region. Mahato blamed the Congress for the failure in the establishment of the democratic alliance.