Cooperation among political parties mandatory for prosperity: CM Bhatta

DHANGADHI: Chief Minister of Province 7 Trilochan Bhatta has said there should be cooperation and unity among political parties for progress and prosperity of the nation.

In a programme organised by the Office of the Governor, on the occasion of 68th National Democracy Day today, CM Bhatta said that unity among political parties has led to the creation of an environment where the authority held only by Singhadurbar up until now has been able to trickle down to village levels in the country.

CM Bhatta said, “In the context of implementing Nepal’s constitution, when the three-tier-government has been formed, it is now time to develop people’s faith in the constitution as well as the government."

He requested that all political parties, organisations, government employees, and public at large should unify to take the province forward in the path of progress and prosperity, as it is time for public to reap the fruits of the federal democratic republic system that has taken its root in the country.

He also stressed that the present generation is now responsible to fulfill the dreams of martyrs who fought in historic people’s movements that led to the formation of new political system.

CM Bhatta added that Nepal now has a constitution of international standard, and that with the formation of federal government, the public has to play their role in utilising their rights guaranteed by the system.