Cops destroy smuggled poultry, eggs worth Rs 1.5 mil

BARA: Police on Monday disposed poultry and eggs smuggled to Nepal from cross-border Indian markets.

Officers dumped Rs 1.5 million worth of poultry including chicks, hens, ducks and eggs that were seized over a period of 1.5 years.

According to Bara Deputy Superintendent of Police Ranjit Singh Rathore, 9400 chicks and 1171 hens were disposed in a pit by security personnel.

As per official statistics, authorities had destroyed Rs 231,000 worth of illegally smuggled poultry and eggs during the last fiscal.

Import of poultry and related products has been banned by the government as a quarantine measure against bird flu.

As per the provisions of Nepal Gazette, people involved in smuggling of poultry are subjected to six months in prison and Rs 50,000 in fines.