Cops release docs held for making up report

ITAHARI: Doctors who were held on the charge of trying to make an autopsy report in favour of the Biratnagar-based Birat Nursing Home were released at midnight yesterday. Gita Devi Sitaula of Jhapa had died in course of treatment in the nursing home.

Dr Nabin Kumar Sharma of National Academy, Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma of Nobel Academy in Kathmandu and Dr Niranjan Kumar Yadav were held on a tip-off provided by Gita’s family members from Nirvana Country Club in Dharan last night.

The doctors had confessed their ill-motive with the police, victim’s family, mediapersons and locals but they were released by Area Police Office Dharan at 1am. Police have cited the order of higher authority in releasing the guilty.

“Gita died due to the carelessness of the doctors on Wednesday. The nursing home had made a failed effort to conceal its mistake by manipulating the autopsy report,” Agni Sitaula, a victim’s kin said. He said BNH had offered to pay them Rs 2 million, in return for keeping quiet about the incident. “We need action against the doctor involved in Gita’s treatment, not money,” he said.

A resident of Damak, Jhapa, Gita had a stone in the gall bladder and was admitted in BNH five days ago. She had died while being operated by gynaecologist Dr Gyanendraman Singh Karki there. The victimised family had filed a complaint against Dr Karki in District Administration Office Morang holding him responsible for the death.