Cops take mother’s blood for DNA test

Dhangadi, January 9

With suspicion surrounding the vaginal swab of raped and murdered Nirmala Panta, 13, of Bhimdatta Municipality, Kanchanpur, police have collected blood sample from Panta’s mother Durga Devi Panta.

Agitators, Panta’s relatives and parents have expressed doubt over Nirmala’s vaginal swab after DNA reports of many suspected people did not match with the DNA profile of Panta’s vaginal swab.

Based on the demand made by family members and agitators, police today collected blood samples of Nirmala’s mother. But, Nirmala’s father Yagyaraj Panta declined to give blood sample. Her mother Durga Devi said that she had given blood sample to confirm Nirmala’s DNA. She had agreed to give blood sample after she was told that Nirmala’s swab was sent for test.

After Durga Devi registered a written application with Kanchanpur District Police Office, police collected Durga Devi’s blood sample from the laboratory in Mahakali Zonal Hospital. “My husband Yagyaraj, however, refused to give blood sample. I do not know whether he refused to give blood due to fear or at somebody’s goading,” Durga Devi stated.

According to Durga Devi, she gave blood sample to match her DNA with that of her daughter. “I gave blood sample voluntarily though my husband declined to do so,” Durga Devi said. She said that her husband might have hesitated to give blood thinking that they might be framed on the basis of the blood sample.

Yagyaraj said that he would give blood only after consulting his kin.  “I never doubted about Nirmala’s vaginal swab. Neither did I demand for DNA test of my blood. Rights activist Mina Bhandari demanded it,” Yagyaraj said.

Kanchanpur Police Chief SP Kuber Singh Kathayat said the blood sample collected from Nirmala’s mother would be sent to match with the DNA report of her daughter’s vaginal swab.  Police said they were having a hard time investigating due to non-cooperation from family members.

Though five months have passed since Nirmala Panta was raped and murdered, culprits involved in the incident are yet to be booked.

Meanwhile, Nirmala’s mother Durga Devi said that she would accept the relief announced by the government. “How long can we go for agitation? I shall accept the relief provided for the future of my two daughters,” Durga Devi stated. She, however, demanded that the perpetrators be booked at any cost. Local, provincial and federal governments have declared to provide Rs 1.8 million to Nirmala’s family. They, however, have not received the relief amount yet.