Police staffers serving at the police post in Pathalaiya of Jitpursimara Sub-metropolis, Bara, have been recalled over illegal collection of toll tax.

All 11 staffers, including the police post in-charge Shyambabu Yadav, have been recalled and investigation has started.

According to District Police Office spokesperson DSP Gautam Mishra, a new team comprising 11 personnel has been sent to replace these cops. "We haven't got hold of any evidence, but have heard rumours about them collecting toll tax illegally. It's why the entire team from there has been recalled for inquiry," said the DSP. As per sources, inquiry has been initiated against the Pathalaiya-based Province Traffic Office as well.

Both offices were allegedly collecting toll tax illegally from vehicle owners by setting up check posts 100 metres apart on the highway at Pathalaiya in the name of checking. As complaints about the police focusing on collecting money illegally rather than keeping an eye on illegal activities reached the higher ups, the same prodded the higher authority to investigate.

Vehicle operators have recounted paying from 500 to 2000 rupees per vehicle at the check posts during the COV- ID-related restriction period.

"The checking was meant to control illegal activities, but the police took it as an opportunity to collect money illegally from vehicle owners and drivers under different names.

They didn't stop the fleecing even when the restriction period was eased," said bus driver Umesh Rana. Meanwhile, the illegal toll tax collected by police had been a pretext for bus operators to overcharge its passengers.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 22 2021, of The Himalayan Times.