‘Corrupt communists a threat to change’

Chitwan, October 17

Nepal Communist Party Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal today revealed that no one but degenerate communist leaders might pose a danger to the change country has accomplished.

Addressing a programme organised by Nepal Communist Party Chitwan in Bharatpur to exchange greetings on the occasion of festivals, Dahal expressed concern that communists had deviated from their ideals and had become self-centred.

Dahal commented that communists had the tendency to distance themselves from people after riding to the corridors of power. He recalled the examples of downfall of communism in the Soviet Union and Europe to alert cadres and leaders to be with the people.

“We have got the disease of forgetting people and deviating from communist principles as we have become individualistic and power-centred,” he stated.

Dahal said that it was the responsibility of parties to institutionalise changes brought from 70 years’ struggle. “If we lose the track and distance ourselves from people, we will see the downfall of communism in Nepal like in the Soviet Union,” he warned. Are we not too self-centred? Are we not careless and negligent? He questioned.

At the programme, Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa said that enemies were working to stop them from reaching the goal of socialism. He held that cooperation and unity among the parties was a must to take the country to a new height of development and prosperity.

Former finance minister Surendra Pandey said that the Communist party had championed revolutionary causes and should lead in nation building.