Cottage industries shutting down

RAMECHHAP: Most of the small and cottage industries in the district registered under the Small and Cottage Industry Development Committee have been shut due to lack of required raw materials and necessary infrastructure.

Most of the industries could not come into operation even one year after getting registered. According to Niraj Khadka, an employee at Small and Cottage Industry Development Committee, out of 1,104 industries registered in the office only 385 are into operation. However, only 206 have renewed their registration. It has been reported that economic crisis, lack of raw materials, ambiguous government policy and non-cooperation from the government have led to the closure of the industries.

The committee said that 94 rice mills, 35 industries producing various materials, 103 industries providing construction services, 70 providing agricultural services, 7 providing tourism services and 13 Pvt Ltds are into operation. Among these, rice mill, construction service, bakery, furniture industry, cheese business, candle industry and juice industry have been making profit.

According to Padam Tamang, owner, Ramechhap Parbat Agro vet Concern, some industries were shut immediately after establishment due to non-cooperation of the government and also due to shortage of capital and raw materials. Tamang blamed the government of being apathetic and indifferent to motivate and encourage the industrialists in the district. Some owners of the industries also maintained that industries in the district have been facing problems due to lack of roads and electricity too.