‘Country losing political gains due to govt ineptitude’


Janata Samajbadi Party’s senior leader Rajendra Mahato today said the country stood to lose the political gains achieved through people’s sacrifice due to the government’s incompetence.

Mahato slammed the government and said the incumbent government’s unilateral decisions and conservative mindset had eroded the momentous political achievements.

Addressing a programme organised to unveil the statues of martyrs Khusilal Yadav and Nageswor Yadav in Saptrai, Mahato said people’s discontent was growing as the constitution had failed to accommodate the sentiments of all people.

Mahato stressed the need to amend the statute to accommodate the demands of Madhesi, indigenous people, Muslims, and marginalised people in order to make it acceptable.

“Not amending the statute is belittling the sacrifices of Madhesi people,” Mahato added.

Mahato urged the government to accommodate the feelings and demands of people from the Tarai, Madhes and hills in the constitution.

He called on all progressive and revolutionary forces to unite to safeguard the changes achieved through the long political struggle.