Couple held for forcing maid into sex trade

Gaighat, December 8

The owners of New Annapurna Hotel based at Old Bus Park of Gaighat, Udaypur, have been held on the charge of engaging in flesh-trade.

It has been reported that they forced their staff girl to engage in sex with customers at the hotel.

Proprietor Mahendra Bahadur Karki and his wife Indira Karki were arrested on the charge of forcing the victim into sexual intercourse by luring her with incentives.

According to SP Govinda Sah at District Police Office, Udaypur, the couple was held as per the complaint of the 17-year-old victim, which said she was forced to quench the lust of customers for the past four months.

“After two persons were found in a compromising position in the hotel during our regular security checking, the incident came to light,” said SP Sah.

However, Karki claimed that security personnel were hatching a conspiracy after he refused to offer the money they had demanded. “The police force had demanded money from me, but I refused to oblige.

As a result, they retaliated, by forcing my staff to give a statement against me,” he alleged.