Cow protection campaign begins

Damauli, September 8

While the death of cows in Surkhet is drawing flak from all corners, Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centre, Tanahun, has started a campaign to protect stray and old cows.

The centre operated under Gandaki Province has decided to allocate budget for people and organisations working for protection of stray and old cows in the district.

The centre’s Senior Livestock Development Officer Dr Bal Kumar Shrestha said his office had allocated Rs 0.5 million for cow protection drive. According to the centre, it has called proposals from organisations, groups and committees involved in the preservation of cows and oxen for donation.

Two organisations working for management of stray cattle have applied for donation, Dr Shrestha said. Suklagandaki Municipality and Byash Municipality have been taking care of stray cattle in Tanahun at the moment. They have constructed Kanjihouse and started protecting cattle.

Suklagandaki Municipality and locals have operated a cow protection centre at the cost of Rs 2.1 million. Suklagandagi Mayor Kisan Gurung said that buying fodder for cattle was very expensive. The two municipalities are taking care of 400 cattle at present.