UML continues obstruction over decision to increase local levels

CPN-UML lawmakers stand to obstruct House
CPN-UML lawmakers stand to obstruct House

KATHMANDU: The main opposition CPN-UML obstructed the Parliament on Wednesday also, protesting the government's decision to increase the number of local levels in 11 districts at the time local level elections were already scheduled.

The House, which resumed today, has been adjourned till 3 pm.

In the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Federal Affairs and Local Development Kamal Thapa earlier forged clarification over the government decision, saying local levels are being increased in order to bring the agitating Madhesi parties to the mainstream and election process.

To justify the government's decision on constitution amendment, Thapa argued that all parties had agreed in the past to address the agitating side's concerns through an amendment to the constitution. He said boundaries of some wards in Province No. 2 have to be redone as some faults were identified.

Responding to DPM Thapa, UML Chief Whip Bhanubhata Dhakal said what the government was doing was illegal, and announced that his party would not let the House proceedings continue unless the government came up with a satisfactory explanation.

According to him, the government cannot tamper the constitutional commission LBRC's report in any way and cannot alter the local levels at all after the announcement of elections.

He claimed that the election-related laws have also prevented making change on the structure of wards.

"There is a paradox. The government has asked the Local Devlopment Offices in 11 districts to stay put in the districts, while asked the Chief District Officers to send all lawmakers back to the Capital," he said.

This shows the government intends not to let the elections happen, he charged.

The CPN-UML lawmakers had obstructed the House yesterday.