UML gains upper hand in State Assembly PR system in Bhojpur

BHOJPUR: CPN-UML has led the Proportional Representation (PR) electoral system with the most votes in the provincial elections in Bhojpur district in Province 1.

According to the report prepared by the office of the Chief Returning Officer, Bhojpur, UML has received the most votes in the elections.

Of the total 65,908 votes cast, UML alone has received 25,099 votes in the elections to the HoR.

As many as 56,893 votes were valid while the 9,015 votes turned invalid.

As many as 49 political parties received votes in the elections to the HoR where Nepali Congress mustered 15,710 votes and CPN Maoist Centre garnered 11,154 votes while Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal (FSF-N) obtained 2,604 votes.

Similalry, in the elections to the State Assembly "Ka" in the district, UML has again occupied the top space with 12,191 votes followed by NC's 7,960 votes and CPN-MC's 4,937 votes. The FSF-N has garnered 2,063 votes while 27 other parties have not received any votes. Around 5,851 votes have turned invalid.

Moreover, in the State Assembly "Kha", UML has secured 11,331 votes and CPN-MC has obtained 6,093 votes followed by NC's 5,544 votes while 27 other parties have not received any.

In an aggregate in the State Assembly, UML has so far received 23,522 votes, NC has got 13,504 while Maoist Centre has secured 11,030 votes.

The counting of votes for State Assembly Proportional Representation system concluded last night.