UML warns of agitation

Pokhara, November 28

CPN-UML secretary Gokarna Bista has warned of an agitation if the government goes ahead with the statute amendment proposal.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Press Chautari Kaski here today, Bista clarified that the UML can’t accept the proposed statute amendment.

“As the proposed amendment has been floated just to fulfil the vested interests of a select few parties by jeopardising the broad national interest, UML can’t and won’t accept it,” he said, adding that the party is all set to launch a stern agitation if the government goes ahead with this proposal.

Further, claiming that the proposed statute amendment is against even the Madhesi people, Bista called on the government to focus on statute implementation rather than amendment.

The UML leader, on the amendment issue, however, clarified that the same can be done by forging consensus among political parties.

“UML isn’t against the amendment as such, but we can’t accept anything of this sort if that is against national interest and the interest of the people here,” he argued, that his party as for seeking consensus among parties to amend the statute to address legitimate concerns.