UML Secretary Gyawali urges to pave way for new govt

POKHARA: CPN-UML Secretary Pradip Gyawali, on Saturday, said the direct and indirect external forces were active to prevent the unification of CPN-UML and CPN Maoist Centre.

At a news conference organised by Press Chautari and Press Centre Nepal, Kaski chapters in Pokhara today, Gyawali said that the party unification process was delayed not because of the leaders' reluctance. Rather, he cited that political turmoil was the reason behind the delay in the unification.

The UML leader said that the Election Commission (EC) should unveil the results of the proportional representation system of the House of Representatives and should submit the same to the President at the earliest.

The UML Secretary claimed that the left alliance leaders were not in dispute over holding the prime ministerial and party presidential post, adding that the leaders of both parties were making efforts for the formation of small central committee. He said that it would not be right for the leaders of both CPN-UML and CPN MC to lobby their positions.

"As the central members of CPN MC exceed 250 members of UML, the numbers of members could be minimised," leader Gyawali said. Further, he added that the leaders and cadres from local to central level may not have the same positions after the unification of the parties.

The UML leader expressed his displeasure on the government's intention to elongate its stay in power and added that it was disrespectful to the people's mandate.

Likewise, lawmaker Gyawali reiterated that unification of UML and CPN MC, and formation of new government would move ahead in a parallel manner.

Also speaking at the programme, UML central committee member and lawmaker Rabindra Adhikari said there was no dispute in party unification between the UML and Maoist Centre adding that the process would advance in a friendly environment.