UML wins with majority in Kushma municipal executive council

PHALEBASH, PARBAT: The CPN-UML panel has emerged victorious in the local level elections held in municipal executive council of the Kushma Municipality of Parbat district.

In the elections held on Thursday for three representatives from the Dalit or marginalised communities and five women, UML led panel came in front with majority of wins, according to the Chief Election Office.

The elected candidates include Manohar Bishwakarma, Dambar Bahadur Nepali and Devendra Bahadur Nepali from Dalit communities. The elected women candidates include Tara Devi Sarki, Devi Nepali, Nanda Kala Chhetri, Radhika Kumari Sharma and Sumitra Poudel.

In the elections conducted in 14 wards of the municipality, UML candidates were elected in nine wards while Nepali Congress candidates were elected in five wards.

Moreover, UML candidates have been elected in Phalebash municipal executive council. UML won with majority in the local polls conducted for three representatives of the Dalit communities and five women members.

The five elected women candidates are Kesha Kumari Damini, Nandu Gurung, Amrita Kafle, Kamala Shrestha and Nirmala Bhusal. The three members from the marginalised communities include Netra Bahadur BK, Hira Bahadur Sunar and Sher Bahadur Sunar.

They were sworn in the oath of office and secrecy on Thursday.